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The Central Nature Reserve is an area in the center of the island dominated by rainforests and reservoirs and is where to head to see a bit of Singapore's wilder side. While some come here to see the Memories at Old Ford Factory where the Allied troops surrendered to Japanese forces in February 1942, the MacRitchie Trails, or the Mandai Orchid Garden, the main attraction is Singapore's world-class zoo.

The Singapore Zoo is 28 hectares housing 4,000 animals of 410 species. The park has an "open" philosophy, preferring to house animals in more natural enclosures using moats instead of cages. The zoo also boasts the world's largest primate collection and as a special experience you can have breakfast with an orangutan at the Jungle Breakfast. The new Australian Outback and The Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia enclosures recreate entire ecosystems. Next door, but completely separate, is the Night Safari where you can explore the living habits of our nocturnal friends. You can walk or take a tram around to see the Malayan tiger, Leopard Trail, and Fishing Cat Trail enclosures. There is an impressive 'Creatures of the Night' show as well. The Night Safari is extremely popular and lines can reach a 45-minute wait.

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