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Jurong, the vast chunk of land in the southwestern part of the island, was nicknamed "Goh's folly" in the 1960s. With the country on its way to independence, Goh Keng Swee, then the finance minister, decided it was necessary to create a major industrial town on this swampy area. To the surprise of many, the project took off and today a variety of industry is based here including pharmaceuticals and oil refining, which Singapore is the world leader despite not having a single drop of its own. There are only two main attractions to see in this area, however, the Jurong Bird Park, and the Singapore Science Center.

The Jurong Bird Park is a pride of Singapore and home to one of the world's largest bird collections with over 600 species. Large enough to necessitate a Panorail (like an airport transit train), you can float through the park listening to commentary on the main attractions. The Penguin Expedition is a highlight of the park, as well as the Southeast Asian Birds section, the nocturnal World of Darkness, and the African Waterfall Aviary, complete with 30m-high custom waterfall. The aviary's design allows people to enter on foot as well as on the Panorail without letting any birds escape.

The Singapore Science Center is an interactive geek's paradise. Mostly filled with school children, the museum is filled with hands-on displays on everything imaginable from genetics to space science to marine ecology to looking through an insect's eyes. The Omni-Theater shows IMAX movies and houses an observatory. Next to the theater is the winter-themed Snow City, an indoor park with real snow, tobogganing, and igloos. While this may not be impressive for people accustomed to snow, it is wildly popular with the locals. The entrance fee includes jackets, boots, and snow tubes.

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